[Adminsces] Traduir missatge de benvinguda del CES

Blackhold blackhold a marsupi.org
dis oct 1 23:38:08 CEST 2011

això ho ha de traduïr l'administrador, pots agafar qualsevol missatge
de benvinguda.

si no en tens cap a mà ho dius i et passo el que vaig fer per la garrotxa.


- Blackhold
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On Sat, Oct 1, 2011 at 23:46, al <al a blogmail.cc> wrote:
> Doncs no sé si s'està fent o està fet i no s'implementa, ho passo a la
> llista d'admins a veure si ho saben, si vols seguir el tema o participar en
> coses, subscriu-te a la llista.
> On 01/10/11 13:15, furi atrako wrote:
>> Ei Al, he rebut el missatge d'aqui sota. Si vols el puc traduir al
>> català (no sé si algú ho està fent ja).
>> Salut
>> Dear Antoni,
>> Welcome to the *Ecoxarxa del Vallès* (VALL), your local exchange of the
>> global Community Exchange System (CES).
>> Below are the details you need to access your account on the VALL web
>> site.
>> To get to the web site go to www.community-exchange.org
>> <http://www.community-exchange.org/>. This will take you to the login
>> page. There is also some general information about the CES on this page.
>> Enter the following information:
>> Account No: VALL0035
>> Password: onumedog
>> After logging in *please immediately change this temporary password* to
>> one of your own choice. To do so click on the [My Record] button at the
>> top and your personal details will come up. Simply delete the password
>> that is there and put in your own. It needs to be at least 8 characters
>> long, and try to include some non-alphabet characters too. While you are
>> in there please also enter or amend your contact details. The
>> Administrator requires your full contact details but if you don't want
>> any of them to appear on the site for others to see, check the
>> checkboxes next to the items that want to be hidden.
>> The web interface is available in several languages. If you wish to
>> select another language, click on the [My Record] button at the top. In
>> your personal profile simply select the language of your preference.
>> Please read the User Guide to find out how the site works. It is
>> available in different formats from your personal home page. The [Help]
>> button on every page gives contextual help.
>> After looking around please enter your 'offerings' and 'wants' by
>> clicking on the [Offerings] and [Wants] buttons at the top. If you
>> provided 'offerings' with your application, these will have been entered
>> by the Administrator, but you may add as many additional offerings as
>> you like. You can also upload a photograph of yourself so that other
>> users can see what you look like.
>> Feel free to contact any advertiser in the 'Offerings List' to purchase
>> any goods and services offered. Please don't wait for someone to buy
>> from you before you use the system. You don't need to be in credit
>> before making a purchase; going into debit is part of the system and
>> simply represents your commitment to the community.
>> If you do not have easy access to the internet or email, contact your
>> local area co-ordinator who will provide you with assistance and advice
>> on how to participate in VALL. The contact details of co-ordinators are
>> available from the member list and from the 'Stats' page. Click on the
>> [Members] and [Stats] buttons respectively.
>> If ever you forget your password it can be retrieved from
>> www.community-exchange.org <http://www.community-exchange.org/> by
>> clicking on "Forgotten your password?" at the top. Enter your account
>> number and your password will be emailed to you. If you forget your
>> account number too, you will have to write to the Administrator.
>> Please join the CES discussion forum at communityexchange.ning.com. This
>> is a great resource to meet other traders in the CES network and discuss
>> monetary alternatives. Join the Ecoxarxa del Vallès group to find out
>> what is happening and to get to know others in your area.
>> If you require any assistance please contact me. I will be glad to help.
>> Happy trading!
>> Ál Cano Santana
>> Membership Co-ordinator
>> Ecoxarxa del Vallès Occidental
>> al a blogmail.cc <mailto:al a blogmail.cc>
>> 615592538
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>> Bastián miró largo tiempo las dos serpientes, clara y oscura, que se
>> mordían mutuamente la cola formando un óvalo. Luego volvió el medallón
>> y, con gran sorpresa por su parte, encontró en el reverso una
>> inscripción. Eran cuatro palabras breves, escritas con unas letras
>> peculiarmente entrelazadas:
>> Haz Lo Que Quieras
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