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Cecilia Panisello Mangrane

IRS Says Its Own Error Sent $1,200 Stimulus Checks To Non-Americans Overseas
The IRS now says its own error caused thousands of non-Americans living overseas to mistakenly receive $1,200 stimulus checks — and the mistake could happen again if more stimulus money goes out.

Brexit: Five steps that led to an Irish Sea border
As a trade border between NI and GB looms, BBC News NI looks at the key moments in the process.
The pandemic shut down her chateau. Then she became a YouTube star
What do you get when you put a former opera singer, two ex-boyfriends, her French mother, an adopted Scottish brother, a Dutch tango instructor, a Norwegian flower designer and a cheery Argentine house manager together into a sprawling 40-room French chateau?
Next year will be pivotal in the battle between the small and big screen
Cinemas have often been cast as one of the victims in the real-life economic apocalypse movie playing out as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
'Tim Cook is Not an Innovator': Twitter Explodes as Elon Musk Says Apple Once Refused to Buy Tesla
Elon Musk, founder of the space company SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla, said that Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook had refused to meet him.

'Already Behind': Diversifying The Legal Profession Starts Before The LSAT
With the percentage of Black lawyers stagnant over the last 10 years and clients demanding more diverse lawyers, a lot needs to be done to diversify a profession that is 86% white.

Brexit: 'Bumpy' period expected as UK adjusts to new EU rules
Ministers warn of "practical and procedural changes" when the Brexit transition period ends this week.
Pokémon plane takes off in Japan
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ... Jigglypuff?
EU nations approve Brexit deal as Britons warned over travel insurance, charges and exports
Britons travelling to the European Union have been warned they face disruption and potential charges after the Brexit transition period ends on Thursday - as EU ambassadors said yes to the deal.
Denmark Reveals When Nord Stream 2 Construction Will Begin in Its Waters
Washington recently nailed more sanctions onto the joint Russian-Western European energy infrastructure project, threatening to block access to the US financial system for companies providing insurance and certification services. Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed confidence that Nord Stream 2 would be completed.

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