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   1. Re: Comissió CONTINGUTS i dates - Setmana del deute (Griselda)
   2. Conferència d'Eurodad (Iolanda Fresnillo)


Message: 1
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 12:18:46 +0200
From: Griselda <gpineroaono.com>
Subject: Re: [Qui-deu-a-qui] Comissió CONTINGUTS i dates - Setmana del
To: gemma.tarafaaodg.cat
Cc: qui-deu-a-quiamoviments.net
Message-ID: <4A152A86.4090107aono.com>
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Hola!!! Acabo de llegir la nota de la Beverly, quin lio de dates!! Què 
fem, ens quedem amb el 15, 16 i 17? A mi em sembla bé. Ara no puc 
precisar més en els continguts. Ja us enviaré un altre mail. No sí si 
podré hi ser el dimarts però penso que podríem fer-lo per mail.
Ja sé que encara no hem parlat de ponents..Evident ja que els continguts 
no estan treballats però Raúl m'ha fet recordar que Eric ens havia dit 
que Robert Lemoine, gran especialista en deute i gran escriptor és super 
accesible i parla castellà perfectament. Un dels seus llibres és "La 
dette", una novel·la excellent però fortíssima.Es de la redacció de Le 
Monde Diplomatique. Podríem contactar amb ell... deixo aquí el suggeriment.
Petons, Griselda

gemma.tarafaaodg.cat escribió:
> Hola a tothom...
> El proper dimarts tenim la segona reunió preparatòria de la Setmana del
> Deute. A la primera vam començar a definir els continguts i els espais. En
> principi es van crear quatre comissions; finances, continguts, difusió i
> logística (espais).
> La idea era posar-se "manos a la obra" per portar feina feta la setmana
> que ve; la gent de difusió havia de contactar amb organitzacions i
> persones que ja van participar l'any passat per sumar-se al procés, els de
> continguts havíem de definir una mica millor els eixos, temàtiques, els de
> logística havien de començar a sondejar els espais que vam
> prioritzar...etc.
> Volia fer una crida a la comissió de CONTINGUTS; com ho acabem de
> treballar?...via mail?, ens trobem una mica abans el dimarts?...Ja direu.
> Us recordo que en aquesta comissió estàvem; Sergi, Platera, Nina,
> Griselda, Eulàlia i Gemma. ALGÚ MÉS S'APUNTA?...
> Aprofito el mail per enviar-vos un correu que ens han fet arribar sobre
> les dates a nivell internacional de la Setmana del Deute. En podem parlar
> també el proper dimarts.
> Un petonas i ànims, Gemma
> Assumpte: Dates global debt week
> Data: Thu, 14 May 2009 12:18:32 -0300
> De: Beverly Keene <beverlyajubileesouth.org>
> I have been sorely remiss - had decided to wait until the G20 flurry was
> over, but time keeps marching/sailing by¡! But to get on with things
> now...:
> 1)  Steering/Convenors Group - As my notes from Quito go (september '08),
> it was JS, JDC and ODG indicated willingness to take on initial
> responsibility for pushing the Debt Week process forward. So first
> suggestion is that we formally constitute ourselves as the initial core of
> the DebtWeek convening team, and begin to move out from there.
> 2) There is an existing list-serve - <debtweekayahoogroups.com> - which we
> could fairly easily update and begin to use for more specific discussions,
> beyond the illegitimate debt campaign news list.  I just took a quick look
> at the membership, it is from 2007, an even then I think incomplete.  But
> we can work on pulling together the addresses from both 2007 and 2008
> processes, for an initial mailing
> 3) DATES - Most urgent task for sure.  In the midst of discussions and
> "global agenda setting" in Belem, in January, I consulted with the
> relevant groups on hand at the critical moment - in the midst of the
> WSF-Intntl Council meeting, and attached the OCTOBER 7 - 15 date to the
> Week - because it was clear at the time that if the Week did not have a
> date, it would not be included in the global action calendars being
> set/accomodated/and most importantly, disseminated.  It was initially
> listed as "to be confirmed", but that tentativeness quickly got lost.  I
> do apologize for what was no attempt to hijack any more participatory
> process - but now the task is to move on.
> As was mentioned in Quito, the dates of the week in the best of cases are
> "damned if you do, damned if you don't".  There are some oft repeated
> caveats/criteria:
>  - avoid Ramadan (Aug 22 to Sept 21, 2009)
>  - situate near (preferabely before) IMF-WB annual meetings (Turkey,
> October 6 and 7, 2009)
>  - don´t make the Week dependent on the IMF and the WB, we need our "own"
> dates (obviously not too compatible with the previous sentiments)
>  - "great" to include other days like 16 and 17 October - becuz it helps
> to make connections with food and agricultures, and poverty issues, GCAP
> +/- permanently on board, etc
>  - "horrid" to superimpose with dates like 16 and 17, becuz those groups
> feel like we are encroaching on them ( not overly compatible with the
> previous criteria etiher)
>  - October 15th, date of Thomas Sankara´s assassination, is a good "debt"
> date, but it rings very few bells in the outside world
>  - Ocober 12th, big date for mobilizing indigenous peoples in Latin
> America and Caribbean, is a good date to include altho shares some of the
> concerns of 16 and 17 Oct.
> So it was with all those considerations in mind, and taking also into
> consideration that from Belem, indigenous peoples agreed to launch the
> call for a global day of mobilization/action in defense of mother earth
> for October 12th, that we proposed the 7- 15 OCTOBER dates; a nine-day
> week to be sure, not helping much in the buildup to the IMF-WB annual
> meetings, but more or less bridging some gaps.  BUT NOW, WHAT TO DO? 
> CONFIRM OR JUMP SHIP? result of various conversations among diverse
> actors, North and South, has led thus far to the following three options:
>  including at least the final day of IMF/WB meets and including all the
> related and relevant dates 12, 15,16, 17...  JS is prepared to live with
> that, Jubilee USA and Eurodad also seemed to have indicated (we discussed
> some recelty in Malaysia), with considerable interest on the part of some
> to include the 17th.  If we choose to go this route, we lose the "brand
> identification" of WEEK OF GLOBAL ACTION..., don´t really include the
> build-up to the IMF/WB meets and, while we are at it, should probably
> stretch through the 18th to take advantage of the full weekend¿?  making
> it OCTOBER 7 TO 18.  Such a long period would obviously stretch our
> capacity to build momentum, but maybe be offset by all the other
> considerations.
> - Preserve the notion of "WEEK" of global action, and recognize the
> particular importance this year of targetting the revitalized IMF/WB
> dupla, in crisis response and climate saviours mode, and settle on OCTOBER
> 1 TO 7 as a week that is not so cluttered with other focuses, and helps us
> all concentrate on DEBT AND IFIS.
> - Preserve also the notion of "WEEK", but set the dates for OCTOBER 12 -
> 18, privileging the possibilities of interacting with the mobilization of
> other critical sectors/concerns - and building momentum through those
> alliances.
> I don´t think it is too wise - given that it is already mid-May, to open
> the flood-gates and ask everyone´s opinion - but it could be done if we
> have max three options, a firm calendar (max one week) and clear process
> for closure (JS, JDC, ODG? will take a decision based on inputs
> received... and the rest will live with it, for example).
> SO WHAT DO YOU THINK?  The other possibility is that we reach some
> consensus among these three options (or something else...), run it quickly
> by J-USA and Eurodad) and fire it out as the confirmed dates.
> 4) SPECIAL THEMES/FOCUS  This is perhaps less slightly less complicated
> than the dates, but also important.  Suggestion would be that we go with
> the obvious, CRISES/DEBT/IFIs, picking up at least the food and climate
> pieces and pointing toward the illegitimacy of lending to the South to
> redress problems/crises provoked in the North... Other suggestions? 
> Volunteer to take first stab at the initial CALL?
> 5)  WEBSITE  - Music to our ears that JDC is willing to help with the
> website, which we all agree needs a lot of help.  We also need a quick
> decision on the domain name, which I just learned is due to expire on June
> 23 (It is now registered through "Network solutions" - and at least as I
> understand, we either have to come up with some money to re-register it
> shortly there, or let it expire and wait for the domain name to be
> freed-up or come up with a new one.  Suggestions?).
> There was agreeemnt in Quito, to incorporate the DebtWeek site into the
> Illegitimate Debt site - but that might be a more ambitous and thus not as
> easily doable task.  Our only "condition" as JS, is that the new site
> (DEBT WEEK and/or ILLEGITIMATE DEBT) be at least trilingual
> (ENG-FREN-SPAN) - a huge challenge for sure, but absolutely vital for
> outreach and inclusion of mobilization in many may parts.  Keep it simple
> to use and maintain would seem another caveat.
> Hopefully this is  too much for now - I look forward to your suggestions
> so we can proceed with as little further delay as possible ¡!
> ABrazos
> beverly
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Message: 2
Date: Thu, 21 May 2009 17:05:41 +0200
From: Iolanda Fresnillo <iolanda.fresnilloaodg.cat>
Subject: [Qui-deu-a-qui] Conferència d'Eurodad
To: qui-deu-a-quiamoviments.net
Message-ID: <4A156DC5.5080800aodg.cat>
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