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Dme Maig 6 09:07:23 CEST 2009

Hello. I think that my letter will be for you a big surprise. But
please, do not worry and do not be afraid. My letter is not a spam
sending letters and any other automatic program. Last week, I received
e-mail, the recipient of an unknown to me, with the title of the
letter - «People are looking for love and every time someone finds».
Usually, I do not trust this list, but this time I decided to open the
letter and read it. The letter referred to the old people's lives,
about love, about relationships in general. At the end of the letter
included e-mail addresses - «to whom I would like to know», divided
into 2 parts - men and women. I do not know why of all the e-mail, I
chose you. Perhaps this is the fate of our acquaintance, and we can
build this love together? I believe in destiny. In this letter, I
would like to tell you a little about me. My name is Karine. I am 29
years old. I am not married and did not have any children. I do not
smoke and do not consume alcohol. I am a young, calm and purposeful
woman. But, I believe that the most important criterion for any human
being should be respected. In free time I like to do sports, go for a
walk in the park. In the soul, I am very romantic girl. Sometimes I
like to dream, Close your eyes. You might think - «Why is this girl
wrote me a letter, because it all is!». But my life is not the most
beautiful feelings. I was not lucky in love. In our country, 90% of
men who want only to use women to slavery. Therefore, I want to try
Internet dating. Previously, I've never chatted with men online. But
now, I had the opportunity and I think that fate would help us.
Please, if you are interested in our future communication, tell me
more about you. I want to know you. 

You can write me only to my personal email:  melikar3agmail.com

The following letters, I will tell you about me, in more detail. Of
course, I will send you a lot of my photos, which you know my life. In
my picture showing all the moments of my life - joy, reverie, and
sometimes even melancholy. I look forward to your reply. I really want
to know you more. Please do not forget about me. Your new friend,
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